The Swiss National Bank collects statistical data for the following purposes:

  1. to fulfil its monetary policy functions;

  2. to fulfil its oversight tasks with respect to payment and securities settlement systems;

  3. as part of its contribution to the stability of the Swiss financial system;

  4. on behalf of international organisations of which Switzerland is a member;

  5. for drawing up the balance of payments as well as the statistics on the international investment position.

The data it collects are evaluated internally, and also published. In order to ensure the confidentiality of information provided by individual institutions, the data are aggregated.

The SNB also publishes statistical data of importance in monitoring the economy and for monetary policy. This includes drawing upon external sources such as the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

Statistical data relevant to the SNB are grouped in six topics on the portal https://data.snb.ch. The data are supplemented by notes adhering to the same thematic structure. Besides notes on definitions and methods, comments are also provided on developments which have a bearing on the figures. References to reports and press releases on each topic are provided in the corresponding section. Other publications are available on the SNB website under Publications.